Finite Element Analysis (FEA) allows users to predict stresses felt on a part so that a safe environment is always maintained. Shipwright professionals can confidently assist you by running these tests and giving recommendations.

FEA can be used to develop new product designs, or to refine existing products, to ensure that the end product will meet specifications. FEA software can be used to:

  • Predict and improve product performance and reliability
  • Reduce physical prototyping and testing
  • Evaluate different designs and materials
  • Optimize designs and reduce material usage

FEA testing can be used to model a wide range of applications and scenarios. The ability to run a multitude of realistic simulations in a time-effective manner allows for a safer and more efficient design. Some of the marine specific applications include:

  • Hull Structure Analysis
  • Cofferdams and Other Underwater Structures
  • Lifting Equipment
  • Internal Structural Members
  • And many others

Cofferdam Deformation