Safe, secure, efficient and knowledgeable management of your engineering library.... Accessible 24 / 7 on your schedule for your immediate needs.... Period.

The complete engineering technical drawing library for a modern vessel can be hundreds of drawings. A vessel owner must be able to access these drawings specifically and coherently; sometimes with very short notice. In the event of a maritime casualty, accessing the complete library of drawings quickly and updating with revisions or repairs can significantly reduce the required time to return to service. 

Older vessels typically have the drawings in a paper-only, non-electronic format. Part of the function of a documentation vault is to convert these paper files to readily editable and transportable electronic files which can be sent anywhere in the world in seconds rather than hours or days.

Many owners find it is more cost effective, efficient and responsive to have a third party maintain and support the engineering technical library than to attempt that support in-house. Technical engineering files are also more complicated to store correctly because of the interrelationship of files through Xref's, blocks, and call-outs. The folder convention in addition to the name convention must be preserved. Technical files also have unique back-up file structure that can be corrupted if the files are not managed correctly.

If your vessel needs a specific drawing delivered electronically immediately, or, many drawings edited and updated overnight, Shipwright is there for you. No request is too small or too large when Shipwright is the depository and manager of your technical files.